Bridgid is now teaching lessons to aspiring violinists of all ages via Skype! Learn from the violinist who’s performed with some of the biggest names in music today including Christina Aguilera, Mary J Blige, John Mayer, Alicia Keys and many more. Watch your playing skills soar, limited only by your own imagination!  Bridgid will not only address the standard (but critical!) topics like left and right hand technique, intonation, and tone production in new and creative ways, she will also work with you on improvisation and extended techniques so that you can play the music you love, from Beethoven to the Beatles, Mozart to Metallica! Bridgid has a proven track record of success with hundreds of students and over ten years of public school teaching experience, and now you have a chance to learn from a widely recognized performer and educator.  Whether you play electric or acoustic violin (or both), Bridgid will tailor each lesson to your individual needs. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress, and how much FUN violin lessons can be!

Lessons are available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with easy scheduling. All you need is a webcam, a Skype account, and a PayPal account!  Introductory rates are available for all new students, and special discounted packages are available!

For more information or to get started, fill out the following form and someone from the administrative staff will be in touch with you ASAP!

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